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Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday 29th October!

Half Term!

This half term we are visiting my cousin and looking at my family history! Oh yes very interesting;D hahaha! Hope you all are having a great half term! (to anyone who is on it)
Being with my cousin and mum seeing the hitory, the only way we are able to do this is the scrap book of photos my grandma and many other relatives made.....a scrapbook it is! I want my fmily to know me and my amazing times I have had! This is my little project for this half term and when I'm in hospital.
I'm also going to a halloween party at my bestfriends house! We are going as cats! So any ideas for making costumes and make- up.....greatly apprecitated!


Well I can't wait for november....not! Its going to be hetic...seriously! I have to go and have my hearing checked (due to genttmycn and nother nebulized medicene I used to have) then i'm getting my teeth buit up.. I have pointy teeth! FUN! Then I go into hopsital have a week of IV's and whilst there have a blood test for annual clinic. Then i'm going in to have my port put in! Then after that a couple of weeks after or so, I have to go see the ears, nose and throat doctor as they have now discovered CF can effect them too!:L What a month... roll on December! Though I should be tip top for next year!:)


I'm thinking of also writting a book about coping and my experiences with CF also my life and the great times I have had with my friends (to make it not all doom and gloom!) :D So I will keep you in tune of how it is doing, maybe post a few of my ideas here. Yes i' only a teen but I want to achieve something!:D

Spread the word

If you know anyone with CF please share this with them!:D It would mean a lot!
Also I will be posting what is happening (not just CF related) stay tuned!<3

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If you have any worries about what your going through or just want to discuss CF with me, i' happy to chat and answer any questions you have!:)

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