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Thursday, 22 November 2012


IT'S DONE! I HAVE ONE! I have now got a port!
The week before I had iv's to boost me up for the op.
Well I can see why I chose the port now, a weeks Iv's three lines.

But now all that hassel is over, don't get me wrong I was very nervous about the port, the whole being put to sleep thing terrified me. I know, thats the easiest bit. But I wanted to know HOW. Even the anethatist couldn't answer the question, not the best thing to hear the day of your op.... I was the last one on the list too. Brilliant. I had to wait the WHOLE day for the op! I got down to the theater ok, then when I went to the anesthetic room, I freaked out! I was desperate to get out, because when I went into the room I saw through the windows in the doors the surgeons, all masked up with all the scrubs on waiting for me! I had to be sedated then I got put to sleep! My last words before I went to sleep was 'my friend said it looked like milk!' then I was gone! HA! I can already feel a big improvement compared to canula's you can't feel the antibiotics going in or the pain of it! Totally recommended. Even though my arm is sore and so is my neck, I have exercises to improve the movement in my muscles. It also feels like your asleep for 5 mins not 1 hour, or 2 after the general has warn off!

30 signs that you have CF... (This made me laugh) Not all of them apply to me, but most do!

1) You know what drugs you need and you ask for them by correct name and dosage
2) They give them to you
3) Bringing your own food to the hospital is a must if you want to survive
4) When you can manage an IV pump better than some nurses
5) When you laugh, you cough
6) When you cough, you pee
7) You think others are weird because they dont take pills when they eat
8) You've experienced many of the colors of the mucus rainbow. light yellow, yellow, neon green, green, dark green, and what the hell is that?!
9) You can lead lost people into the right direction when at the hospital
10) Two Words..Steam showers
11) You wish there was a medal for multitasking when you can, text, eat, play on the computer, and talk all with a neb hanging out of your mouth
12) You enjoy short romantic the fridge
13) Admit it, you've tried to make smoke rings when using hypertonic
14) Or bent the tube and said "choo choo!"
15) A fun night out is going to a buffet
16) A bad night out is going to a buffet and forgetting your pills
17) The salt at the bottom of a pretzel bag is like seeing the grand canyon for the first time
18) You respond "SHUT UP IM FINE" when someone asks if you're alright after a coughing fit
19) If they don't ask, your response is "Fine dont even ask if im ok"
20) "Golightly" is false advertising
21) At the sign of any smoke, you suddenly turn into a bloodhound just to find the culprit and give the best dirty look
22) You can go from skinny as a rail to 8 months pregnant in 10 minutes
23) You know Ceftaz smells like cat pee
24) You can say "Bowel movement" without laughing
25) Most of the time
26) It's just not a treatment if the neb doesn't spit in your face
27) PICC line scars are your "alien marks"
28) Making out is your cardio
29) Someone says "bless you" after you cough
30) Clubbing doesn't mean flashy dresses and overpriced booze

CF Film
The CF trust are putting together a teen CF film.. I auditioned and sent them to the trust, Yesterday (the day of my op) I got an email back to say THEY WANT ME IN IT!!:D that really made my day! Filming starts in January and I'm so excited!

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