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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday 4th November

Half Term = Hectic
So for my half term we went to Southport, to find out all about my grandma's history and where she grew up as a child. This was a very interesting trip which I'm glad we did, we did have a few laughs I feel I need to share with you... trust me I think it may brighten up your day.

First of all we went to pick up our cousin who lives in Morcombe.. She is 70 bare in mind. We stayed at a B&B called the Seacrest very nice 3 stars, it was lovely!
As you can see from the photo's below it was a lovely room, the shower wasn't the best but that was the only thing wrong, the breakfast was amazing too!

We then got to Southport, We stayed in the Talbot Hotel 

But as you can see it is only 1 star!!! A thing my mother didn't realize til we got there! Great.

We didn't think it would be too bad but then we entered. Considering it was only October when we stayed they already had Father Christmas and his singing ensemble out ready to scare the life out of anyone passing by, To start of with we thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. The had a turkey and tinsel  coach party arriving! We would have liked to have been told about that before staying, but there was nothing much we could do. We waited to be booked in, to find out one room was booked one wasn't! Having a long discussion with them, we managed to get our room by 2:30pm. When we got up to the room... well Oh my!! We were a family of 3, so we booked the family room. Only to find out there were two bunk beds, a double and another camp bed all to be used! Nothing matched anything, we had remotes for the TV that were not the right ones! There was a light missing on the mirror proving hard to put make- up on, as we couldn't see. Then we went into the bathroom were someone had punched through the door, maybe they were as shocked as us and took it out on something? We found a black pill on the floor! Considering this was a FAMILY ROOM. young children could have eaten it. It was awful, but we made a laugh out of it... eventually!! As we were right in the attic there was a lot of rain and it leaked into our bed also! :P We were happy to leave, I must say!!:D  


Halloween was great I went as a cat with my bestfriend we were conjoined cats, It was so fun and my dog dressed up as Dracula, or Dogula shall I say :D 


This is going to be a hectic month for me, as I am having a vascaport and many other check up this month! It always has to come at once!! After this hopefully it will all be sorted and I won't have to worry about things for a long while! I will try and keep you posted! But I will be quite busy!

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