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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hello!- I know this is early,

The reason this is early.

The reason this is early is because I have a very busy weekend ahead of me... so 

Birthday Shoutouts!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful bestfriend Shedea whos birthday is friday! I LOVE YOU! HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!

Happy Birthday to Chloe Muddiman whos birthday was Wednesday

There will be more next week!

Cystic Fibrosis and Smoking

One of my friends asked me to talk about what would happen if I smoked...
Considering CF is a chest related illness smoking really isn't a smart idea, I know there are some CF'ers who do smoke, my honest opinion is I don't know why they do it. Smoking effects your chest badly anyway, having a bad chest to start off with and THEN smoking really won't help your chest at all. I know what I say won't change peoples minds who do, but really think about it. Also I can't generally be round people who are smoking, as I'm inhaling it too, so in that regrade why don't I just pull out a cigarette and smoke to? - Because that's what it feels like i'm doing when I'm around people who are. 
We don't have anything to say 'HEY! I have CF, put that out!', maybe we should?! HAHAHA!
So yeah, smoking isn't a good idea for us CF'ers

December count down.

Fact 3.

I'm so grateful for the friends I have, they are amazing. I have friends my age that don't act it, who are like my sisters and I don't think anyone understands us when we are together! I have my friends older than me, who I look up to for advice and any problems I have which I know won't be dealt with seriously from my bestfriends. I appreciate their help so much. I have my friends outside school, who I love catching up with, I miss them a lot at times when things aren't going great at school. I love my CF friends who when everything is bad, I can turn to and they know exactly how I am feeling and what I'm going through and even what the outcome will be, which really helps. Thank you to you all!

Get in touch

If you have any worries about what your going through or just want to discuss CF with me,

Any questions? - Tweet me @cicelymathews

Spread the word

If you know anyone with CF please share this with them!:D It would mean a lot!
Also I will be posting what is happening (not just CF related) stay tuned!<3

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