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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I felt like writing

I know this is early than normal but I felt like writing

Nearly Christmas! I'm very excited and will hopefully be getting some wonderful presents this year. Today I met my new physio she is lovely her name is Victoria and is really nice and very helpful. I also have now started having nasal spays for my up coming op! Fun! I squirted one in my eye...You can see how this will end up!
I also have been practicing for the carol service my choir is in tomorrow! Lots of rehearsals have been done! So its been quite hectic.
Looking back at this year I think to myself, WOW. What a mad year, 3 admissions, an op, god knows how many IV lines, tablets beyond believe and other stuff! I'm going to be so glad when its over and I'm thinking of going for a new self for the new year, I fancy a change for the new year. Restart. Hopefully for a better year! I hope so.

People with CF

I got asked about my CF and we were comparing the differences, as there are loads from person to person! No two people with CF are the same. There are so many mutations of the disease. I seem to be more gut related CF, I mean I do get problems with my chest like every CF'er but my gut seems to be slightly worse. I struggle to put on weight (like any CF'er) but it just seems to effect me that little bit more than my chest. CF'ers will have very different treatment routines and take different tablets, I think we all take creon but there are different strengths to creon and how many you take. Creon is an enzyme which helps us digest fat in food, we take it before a meal so we digest the fat in the food and essentially put on weight. 

Fact 4?!

I'm starting to really love one direction. I mean I never hated them, but I didn't listen to them a lot but now I listen to them regularly and I think their songs are very good! They have made me laugh so much I have cried! Seriously if you haven't already check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Fact 5!
I know! I thought I'd surprise you with another one! Music gets me through the day. I love it. I was in london on Monday due to visiting GOSH. (Great Ormond Street Hospital)   and Iwas walking through the streets of london listening to my ipod, it makes the journey so much more exciting, Imagining I was in a music video :D hahahaha! It was good fun! I love listening to the lyrics of a song and thinking what it may mean and whats its about. Thats why I love Ed Sheeran because there is always a meaning behind his songs.

Getting this viewed

I have been trying to get as many views as I can! I want to inspire people to not be afraid of what they have and speak out about it, generally people are very interested in what I have and what its all about. So don't be afraid to speak out. Its not to be ashamed of. Its what makes you....YOU! 
I also tweeted Ed Sheeran and some One Direction Members about my blog! God knows if they viewed it, it would mean the world if they had and I would like to know if the do check it out. But I understand they have a hectic celebrity lifestyle and they probably won't have seen this (knowing my luck!:P) I can wish though! 

Get in touch

If you have any worries about what your going through or just want to discuss CF with me,

Any questions? - Tweet me @cicelymathews

Spread the word

If you know anyone with CF please share this with them!:D It would mean a lot!
Also I will be posting what is happening (not just CF related) stay tuned!<3

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