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Monday, 31 December 2012

New year

The new year!
So I was asked to do a reflection, what has happened this year and what I expect from 2013,
 To be honest I don't know what I expect from 2013, just see what comes and roll with it I guess, I'm having an op in about February so I guess to be able to breathe better?;) hahaha! I don't know, I am doing this film so maybe meet some great new people, meet the CF trust and essentially keep in good health.
Obviously I have big ambitions like any teen girl but I have to face reality, I know I won't be marrying a member of one direction, even if my heart tells me otherwise.
But I can enjoy and support them in my own way.
So basically what I hope from 2013 is to keep in good health and take any opportunity that comes in my path, I never know what this film thing may lead too.

Reflection: Rubbish! Rubbish! Rubbish! Hahaha! I have missed so much school, its awful! I finally have managed to catch up, I hope! I have met some wonderful new people and made some new amazing friends, who have been a massive support! Seriously my best friends I haven't even known a year yet! :) After having 3 planned admissions and an op I can honestly say I'm feeling better and haven't felt as good in a long time. So in reflection I need to do my treatment it pains me to say it, but I need to. I know how much i hate it, but it will benefit me in the long run, I think to myself. Cicely when your older do you want a lung transplant? My answer is No. So I need to keep my lungs as healthy as possible! So that means treatment!! 

- Sorry that was probably really bad!

My Team
My CF team consists of my consultant, community nurse, physiotherapist and dietitian

My consultant is amazing. When I was younger we did things the way I wanted. He would tell me what he was doing when. Like when I had IV's line he'd tell me when the needle was going in and when he was threading it up and stuff! I didn't like all the secretive things.

My community nurse is lovely. She is always very caring and like my consultant goes with what I say more than anything

I have a new physiotherapist who is really nice, she is going to make an effort when I see my consultant to see me aswell to make sure I'm doing it properly as the physio I used to have like only visited me once a year. I wasn't complaining ;) But I did start getting into some bad habits.

My dietitian I see like once a year for my annual review. She is very helpful and knows what teens are like so works with me, she seems impressed at the moment.

I am also with a consultant at GOSH he is very nice too! We go up once a year to see him, he specializes more in my gut , he is organizing some test for next year, to see how much creon is actually working and also a bone density scan.

My Playlist
This week I have been listening to:
Ed Sheeran
- You need to cut your hair
- Two blokes and a double bass
- Lately
- Be like you
- Miss you
- And of course his songs in the album '+'
One Direction
- I would
- Heart attack
- Gotta be you
- Irresistible
- I want
- Summer Love
- Rock me

My Favorite Movies
I posted a status on facebook asking for ideas for the blog today, one reply was favorite films, so I thought why not? 
This is a list of my favorite films of all time. The ones that never get old.

- All of the Disney Classics
- Love Actually
- The Change up
- Bridesmaids
- The proposal
- Mumma Mia
Don't you love it when you get put on the spot, and every single film you have ever watched goes out of your head!

New look!
I hope you like the new look!
You can now share on twitter and facebook and there's a link to tweet me to! That takes you straight to my twitter!
- I'm also going to add a page of terms, things words I may use and you don't understand to help!


If you have any worries about what your going through or just want to discuss CF with me,

Any questions? - Tweet me @cicelymathews


If you know anyone with CF please share this with them!:D It would mean a lot!
Also I will be posting what is happening (not just CF related) stay tuned!<3

Oh and Land rovers are cool ;)

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