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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday 8th December

Op Update

Its been 2 weeks since I have had my vascaport and everything is healing up very nicely, I can finally lie on that side now! WHOO! 
It all looks good and the cuts are very neat so hopefully you will be barely able to see the cuts!

How much time in a day does your treatment take up and what does it consist of?

My treatment should take about 30 - 45mins twice a day. I do try and do it but really my week days are very hectic and i'm lucky to get my nebulizer in, in the morning and then I normally do all my treatment in the afternoon. Doing sport helps with my treatment It works to get all the ('stuff)' mucus up.
I have my blue inhaler ventolin,

 I then do my acapella , no not the singing. I blow into this and when I do it send vibrations into my chest which also helps with bringing mucus up.
 I then do my orange inhaler, Flixotide,

Then after that I have my nebuilzer (e-flow) I alternate between tobimycn and colimycn monthly...

Another question I was asked:
How CF does/doesn't affect your life?
My CF affects me in my day to day life, I do all my treatments which takes up quite a lot of my day but after that it doesn't affect me to much.
This year though it has affected me a lot, this has been my worst year and I haven't been at all well all year! Finally I'm getting better. It all started with the Paris Trip, it was so cold there but it was an amazing trip, so worth it! Since then I have been admitted (planned) twice and then the third time for my vascuport. What affects me the most is school work,being off, I miss a lot of school. Catching up is a nightmare, there are so many notes I miss and lessons where no writing has been done but they have learn't a lot when the teacher has just been talking to them! Yes, I get the notes, but probably it has been explained to them in depth by the teacher....
The Port has affected me a lot, when the dressings came off, honestly I felt like a freak because it's a lump there and you can see the tube going up into my neck, It's always going to be a sign of telling me I have this, I have no way of forgetting anymore. Now I look at the port and think I know so many people who love there port and i'm sure I will in time, its just getting used to it. I know I will be glad to have one, I have just got to wait til I need to use it!:D

My Pets..

Someone else asked me what pets I have and to include some photos... here we go!;)
I have my dog, Emily we call her Smells... because, well we just do! We have had her since a puppy and she is now 6

I have a cat called Aslan he is a white cat with one blue eye and one green eye he is gorgeous, he was in a rescue center as he and the rest of his brothers and sister were left with a load of flea bits on him. He was very shy when we first got him, we were lucky to see him once a day.. now he is a lovely, caring little boy.

We also have another cat called Leroy, I always wanted a Sphynx and I was looking on gumtree and he popped up, he is quite ugly but so lovely and always loves cuddles, we don't think he was looked after very well in his home, as they had him for two years and then decided they didn't want him :( He also came with lots of tummy problems so he has been up and down to the vets like a yo-yo, but we love him!

We also had another cat Preto she sadly got hit by a tractor earlier this year :( She came with Aslan and they were best buds! I love her to bits and I always wear her little collar as a bracelet so she is always with me, wherever!


As its December and its advent I thought on the (weekly) countdown to Christmas  I would give you a fact a week about me!

Fact 2

Oh my this is harder than I thought...ermm
I love vintage fashion, I don't have a lot of it but I love the style! I kind of have my own fashion, I don't go with the crowd, I mix and match my clothes together, I wear things that wouldn't normally go.
But thats me and I don't mind
Also I LOVE wolly jumpers and being warm, so winter... I'm in my element! Hahaha!

Get in touch

If you have any worries about what your going through or just want to discuss CF with me,

Any questions? - Tweet me @cicelymathews

Spread the word

If you know anyone with CF please share this with them!:D It would mean a lot!
Also I will be posting what is happening (not just CF related) stay tuned!<3

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