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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thank You!!

This is to say Thank you.

This is just a post to say Thank You,
Thank you for all the support for my op. I know it wasn't a massive op, but it was my first ever and I was a little scared.... very.... extremely scared! hahaha!
I just want to say thank you to my best friends Shedea and Amy for texting me and talking to me and keeping me smiling :') Thank you also to anyone else who has spoken to me when I was in hospital and the people I have had long long chats to. Basically if you have supported me you know who you are so thank you.
Thank you for the over 800 views! Wow, I thought this would just be a little thing a few friends would see and care about!  
Please please please! Inbox me if your a friend on facebook or tweet me any questions to answer on my blog! :D (it would help me not run out of ideas..) hahaha!

Yeah so THANK YOU.

See you next week!!

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