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Saturday, 12 January 2013

12th January

The Shuttle test
On Wednesday I took the shuttle test for my annual review, it was the first bit of proper exercise I had done in a couple of months. Due to my op. I started it fine, then I realized how awful it was. I got half way through level 14 and of 15. So I didn't think I did too bad. I got to stage 123.

So, What is the shuttle test?
Basically The Shuttle Run/Test is where you go from one cone to another and it gradually gets faster. You have to keep in time with the bleeps.  Here is a diagram, i'm not to sure on the length I did though.

Why do the shuttle test?
I do the shuttle run every year for my annual review, to see how my SATS are when I exercise to see if they decrease and to see how well you do at exercise. But luckily for me mine stayed the same!

Whats the annual review?
An annual review is basically a review of the year. We review all the improvements I have made, the things I need to Improve on, and generally what we don't want to happen next year. 
My annual review took place without me as I was having my op last year. But we used to my appointment last week just to go over everything.
So to sum up what happened:
We discussed what the doctors had discussed and everything they were concerned about, were taking a turn for the good now anyway. Like my weight gain wasn't very good. But I'm putting on weight now which they are happy about. I don't want a stomach pump!!!
Everything seem to be alright, I'm in a much better position than I was last year, which is good!

Fellow CF'ers
Because CF is such an isolating illness its nice to talk to fellow CF'ers over social media like Twitter.
It gives you a great insight even though you have the same thing, your treatments may be completely different. And that's really interesting to see personally.
I also love how we have the name CF'ers for each other. 
It really is a great way to know your not alone.
So if your reading this and haven't thought about speaking to anyone about it. DO!
All the CF'ers  I have spoken too are so friendly and understand because they know exactly what it's like. There's no, oh I imagine that's awful because they know! They have been through it too! It is also good for advice and things. Advice on maybe your Doctor has suggested and you can see how it has benefited someone else.
^ This website first got me into talking to fellow CF'ers and it really helped!

Sorry this is short
Sorry this is a short blog today, I have SO MUCH REVISION to do! It's CRAZY!
I have to do most of it today as I have Hairspray rehearsals tomorrow. Which is going great and is so fun! I can already tell the show is going to be amazing. And I can't revise afterwards as My Best friend and I are going to see Passenger after! AHHHH!
If you haven't listened to him, check him out ^
If you like Ed Sheeran style music, he is your guy!
He has been touring with Ed lately too, which is how I came across him!

Thanks for reading and See you guys next week!
BYE!:D x

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