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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finally the long a waited snow has arrived! WOO!
I thought it would never come, honestly. When it did fall, it was great it mean't many school my one included had a snow day! I was more excited about the lie in and 3 day weekend than the snow. But the snow was still exciting.
Don't get me wrong snow turns me into a 5 year old child, but also not having to wake up at 6:00 was a big positive. Maybe I will finally start the week awake this time.
The big question was...What to do in the snow!?  Being the mature teen I am, I got on all my layers and finally looked plump for once. Then put on my unicorn onesie, well you have to make the most of it...don't you!? Plus it actually was very warm , I would recommend it :P
Then after that I got on all my ski gear, I looked all prepared for SLEDGING! Woo! We got out two old sledges from the garage that my Dad had made and went up to the hill. There wasn't many people there so we had the hill all to ourselves which was fun. We also went back there today and it had iced over so we went faster. I told you I turn into a 5 year old! hahah! After this I'm going to build a snowman or unicorn, not to sure yet :P
I love this weather even though you have the downside of cold feet, red nose, cold face, cold hands, cold everything really! A hot chocolate and an open fire really seals the deal. If only the snow would have been in time for Christmas hey!? Sledging on Christmas day! How fun would that be?

The Weather and My Health
Because of my CF sometimes the weather and seasons affect me.
Like in the Spring/Summer months, I am very healthy and well, I don't have many antibiotics or IV's in those months because its not as damp or cold, there isn't many bugs going round and things. I sometimes have a set of IV'S a couple of weeks before the spring/summer months to keep me tip top so i can enjoy them.
In the Autumn/winter months that's when all the problems start. This is because everyone comes back from the holidays with bugs and it all gets mixed round the school and I end up catching something, so generally in these months, I am on antibiotics and regular IV's. Now having this port Iv's will be easier and I will be able to enjoy the snow whilst on IV'S PERFECT!:D

My Playlist 
This week I have been listening too -
- The Breakdown
 - Count To Ten
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- Who's Molly 
Turn The Music Up
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- Beautiful Girl
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-The Hush  
- We Could Have Had It Al
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- Nina Nesbitt
The Apple Tree
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Love to all my readers!xx

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