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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday, Just a short post

Hey Everyone!
Hows everyone doing then? Everyone well?
So after having to go back on Monday which everyone was dissapointed about, I got back into the swing of things.
I am just getting used to school again and soon we will have broken up!
I can't wait till have term! Just for the lie in's really! haha! I'm very lazy in the mornings!

Don't worry this isn't serious news, I just thought my blog was lacking something so I think I should talk about what's going on in the country and world, share my view. No, it's not going to be very serious new of the economic future, or something like that. Just little things.
So what has been in the news?
Hm, I don't really look at newspapers really, but I saw in The Sun the other day I saw the Harry Styles look a like? Like wow, seriously he has an amazing likeness to Harry. I also watched a video where all the girls are asking for photo's and they don't realize he isn't the real Harry.
The thing that get's me is how can two people that aren't related look so similar? That's what fascinates me, is that weird? I just think it's amazing really. I may have a look a like out there, ergh! No one wants two of me out there! That's for sure! hahaha! :D But yeah that really interest's me.

My Sinus Op
I finally have heard something about my op! WOO! Basically having all the mucus sucked out!
I have a pre admission appointment on the 27th of February
Apparently I have to stray in the day before my op (a Thursday) have it done on a Friday then stay in over the weekend :O Has anyone has had this done had to stay in this long too?:S
It would be great to hear from you!
- Thanks x


Again I have heard back from them and possible dates may be the Friday 8th which will be confirmed and it will be about half a day of filming! Which is exciting!

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