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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Half term started badly it seems

Well hello everyone!
I haven't posted in a couple of weeks really because I had nothing to write about. But I'm telling myself I didn't write because half term was coming up and I could write some cool stuff about what I had been doing.
So it's my half term this week! Woo!
My half term started great, I went round one of my best friends house, Shedea. We watched some films at her place and then went to the cinema to watch warm bodies!(which is amazing, a must see) we then went to the delicious Frankie and beny's....which was yummy and ended the amazing weekend with ben and Jerry's ice cream! Mmmm-mm. Thank you again for having me I had a wonderful time!!!

I got home from a fab weekend, started watching an old film with my mum. Not quite sure what it was I think it was something like the house sitter? Well it was on VHS and luckily we still have a video player, I wasn't really getting into the film and started to doze off a bit on the sofa. The next thing I realise I'm starting to get really hot, but I was shaking suggesting I was cold!? Then the coughing fit began. Brilliant! I coughed so much I gaged, sadly throwing up the lovely meal I had eaten and then I decided it would be best to lie down on the sofa and try and get warm. My mum took my temperature and found out it was high, she then proceeded to ring the hospital for advice, the outcome which I should have really just said at the beginning was I had to go into hospital. IN MY HALF TERM!! Which as you can probably tell, I wasn't happy about. I got into hospital and had my bloods taken from my port to find out exactly what was wrong. Whilst waiting for the results the nurses thought it was best to stick a needle in my port ready for ivs.
The blood results showed my white blood cell count was up meaning I was fighting an infection and it was a certain white blood cell which told them it was a bacteria infection. Due to not knowing if it was coming from my chest or my sinuses they decided the ivs were the best route to go down, which was a good job I was already ready for them. So I got admitted Sunday evening and managed to come out today....Tuesday evening. Which I'm relieved about, as I refused to eat the hospital food. I know it's not good for me to refuse food, but I ordered turkey and it was like plastic turkey, so I basically ate toast. They weren't particularly happy, but I wasn't going to eat it! So I have to have a two week course, like normal at home, I suppose it's good I don't miss a week of school and write notes I don't actually understand, so it does have some pros but obviously some cons too. I also have started DNase. I used to have the, but they didn't make much difference I was quite active, now I'm not so much, I mean I am active I swam 38 lengths in a 25 meter pool, but I'm not as active I was, I tried it today and it really helped me get the mucus up, as the day before I couldn't get anything up, they think all the mucus has made a thick layer at the bottom of my lungs that's why my breathing rate is slightly higher and my lung function isn't at it's best.
As for the rest of the week I have a gcse drama rehearsal tomorrow which should be good fun and on Friday I'm seeing the phantom of the opera and just taking it easy now, it wasn't like I was gunna have a hectic week anyway, I just have to be even more careful!

So that's what has happened I'm my hectic week! Im only on day 4 of my holiday!
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Thanks for reading
Much love to you all and I wish you are having a better week then me!
Till next time x

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