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Friday, 22 February 2013

What's been happening.
If i'm correct my last update was saying that I had been in hospital. Well I had an appointment today with my doctor to check how everything is as my lung function was down to 70%. We went today and I did another lung function to really see if the ivs were working and the DNase were making a difference and just to see if there was any problems they may not have picked up from a stethoscope.
So I got my results back from my lung function and they had gone up about 10% and they were 81%. We were all very pleased.
The DNase have been working very well for me, I used to have them but because I was very active when I had them first off (bearing in mind I was in Primary school) it didn't really make much difference! But now i'm slightly lazy. Well very lazy! haha! But they have been really helping me!
For those of you who don't know what DNase are... it is basically another nebulizer but before my main physio of my acapella, it basically just loosens all the mucus in the bottom area of my lungs which can't be heard very well on the stethoscope and the only reason they suggest me to go on them was because my chest was clear, but I was coughing stuff up.
I have a pre admission appointment for my sinus op on Wednesday too! Hopefully I will get that all out the way!
And filming for this teen CF film is happening early march!

The Brits.
Did you guys watch the Brits?
Didn't you think it was really good.
I mean even though twitter was going crazy when they all thought one direction hadn't won anything and all the comments on Taylor Swift's performance and outfit. But apart from that I really enjoyed it.
Most of the people who won I was very surprised at some I didn't even know!
And didn't Ed look so smart!? Bless him!
I was going to go and my mum was going to get tickets but it's like you have to be over I think 16? So I couldn't which was a shame! Also because it was in the O2 I was trying to guess where we are sitting for one direction, so I wonder if I will be right!

You might be wondering why I am writing this early..
Well I am writing is early because tomorrow I'm going to see One Direction! 
I am very excited as its at the O2.
So I probably am going to get back late tomorrow and won't have enough time!
If you see me give me a wave ;) hahah! I'm one there will read this blog! :P but if you do say hey!:P
Then we are going shopping out and about in London, its my early Birthday party and present. So it's going to be worth it!

Please get in touch by tweeting me @CicelyMathews maybe let me know if you're going to the concert tomorrow? (matinee) 

See ya next week!
Love to you all!xx

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