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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sorry it's late

So I have left my blog a couple of weeks, sorry about that, but now I have a few things, which is good...I guess!

Whats been happening then?
Well last week was my work experience, which was interesting lets say that.
I went to a placement which didn't really like me, it was obvious and they ignored me, mostly. Then someone walked out on me, not telling me when they would be back, on my first day! Yeah, so I went back to school and was a TA for the rest of the week, it was SO FUN! The year 7's are absolutely lovely! I had a brilliant time there! Once back at school I had an interesting experience to share to everyone, but overall it made me confident...well more confident.
Then also I went up to GOSH, to do filming for the CF little film thing, it will be used by the CF team to raise awareness and be used in schools, its like what 5 minutes long!? But it was really fun to film!
I have also been round my friend Shedea's house this weekend which was so fun! We made a music video in our unicorn oneise's...because we have them... yeah ;)
Also we have nearly finished Hairspray! It is coming together so well! I can't wait to perform that to everyone!
I am also going skiing next week! WOO! :D (I'm on Easter break now)

I am also writing my prefect application, which is very exciting! I can remember being in year 7 and wanting to be a prefect so much! Now the time has come, which is kinda scary too! I really hope I become a prefect!

Hospital Time...
My Sinus op should be going ahead now in may sometime, when? I have no idea..
Also I had the worst tummy pain ever on the Friday of work experience and continued to about the Monday, so we went to the doctors and we think the reason for it was on Thursday I went to the chip shop near school for lunch (as being on work experience gives you privileges!) and my friend and I got some chips between us, I ate them with no creons.....then mum and I went shopping in the evening and had a MacDonalds with chips!
So we had to see the dietitian and we didn't realize how much not taking creon could impact my life, so I think now its time to start taking them religiously! I don't want a tube up my nose to get the blockage out thanks very much! I also don't want that to happen again! Owchie!
She also gave me suggestion of having fruit pastels and Ribena for break as they don't contain fat but contain 300 calories, oh and I should be consuming 20% - 50% more calories than my friends, so I should be getting 2,500 - 3,000 calories per day!

Thats about everything!
-Sorry again it was late!
- Spread the word and Keep Well

Love to you all!xx

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