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Saturday, 2 March 2013

TMH Tour

As many of you know on Saturday (23rd Feb) I went to see one direction!
This was roughly the set list:
1. Up All Night

2. I Would

3. Heart Attack

4. More Than This

5. Loved You First

6. One Thing

7. C’mon C’mon

8. Changed My Mind

9. One Way Or Another

10. Teenage Kicks

14. Summer Love

15. Over Again

16. Little Things

17. Teenage Dirtbag

18. Rock Me 

19. She’s Not Afraid

20. Kiss You

23. Live While We’re Young

24. What Makes You Beautiful

And of course with all the video clips like on the UAN tour and twitter questions!

I absolutely loved the concert we were at the very top but very close to the stage! I liked how the came out into the audience (well over the top of them) and moved to a little stage in the middle of the arena.

The atmosphere was amazing! 
But i also had the added faff of IVS! But we did them before One Direction came on so I could jam to the songs :P

Overall it was an amazing day and me and my friend Shedea went to Stratford Shopping Center afterwards and purchased a cuddly toy each from the Disney Store, I got Dumbo and Shedea got Pascal from Tangled (The Chameleon) 
We got home quite late! And then it was Hairspray rehearsals the next day! Fun fun fun!!

Sinus Op News
I went to my pre admission appointment for my sinus op, everything seemed fine and we got a date and everything, but on the way home the nurse called saying the date was wrong and now everything has to be re-scheduled again!!
Also I sent my make a wish form off and I got a letter back saying they were looking into my I don't know what you call it like my 'case' if that's the right term? Making sure I am eligible for it, which I don't think is going to be a problem, which is exciting too!

More Exciting news!


And that's everything ;)

Love to you all! :) xx

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