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Saturday, 27 April 2013

CF week

So this week I have been thinking about what to do for CF week which is the week starting the 24th June. I never really have done anything before for it (which is really bad, considering I have the condition and everything) but I have never really known when it was and I was so connected on twitter and facebook now then I was, so I have decided as I love my hair so much, I will dye it purple for the week. I asked my mum and she said that was fine and she would let my do it, but I have to ask the headteacher at my school if I will be allowed, I asked one of the teachers and she said she doesn't see why Miss will have a problem with it, so it will be all go!
When I do get 'confirmation' that I can do it, I will post a just giving page on here as I want to raise awareness and money for CF. Please donate as much as you can! If you can! It would mean the absolute world to me and will help so many people and hopefully one step further to a cure!
I have also decided on that week I will make a youtube video about my life with CF so 1) you can see what i'm really like, who I really am and 2) to raise more awareness to the world really!

Oh and also if you know any dye's that work and get a good colour purple out of my hair that would be great (my hair is kinda light brown) and I wan't it to last really just that week, please tweet me @heyimcicely.

- Thankyou

Oh and about Prefect, we now find out on Friday, it was going to be Monday, but now its Friday because the standards are high, we all have to have a 3 question interview to see if we are good enough. oh dear! hahah!

 It's only a short post this week,
Now I'm off to email my headteacher about my hair dyeing event. Fingers Crossed!x


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