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Saturday, 1 June 2013

I know, I know I haven't posted in ages. Since the end of April!
- I have had a lot of things going on, so I haven't had a chance, but things have finally settled down so here we go!

I got Prefect! :)
I also go invited to go for head girl which was very hectic due to it being the same time as my op and things but I did go for it and was sadly unsuccessful, but i'm going for House Captain! Don't get me wrong I was very disappointed but I have learn't a huge amount from the experience and it was very good interview practice.
- I also went in for IV's a couple weeks ago, for prep for my sinus op that Friday (a week yesterday)
Basically my sinuses were as blocked as they could be and I had no air space in there, so it was basically a massive clear out, they also removed some polyps that were in there and straightened my septum, I kinda had a nose job ;) No i'm joking! Apparently it was slightly to one side and obstructing my breathing, no that I noticed!
But yeah I survived that and now have to do god knows how many sinus washes 4 times a day and I have to have about 6 drops in each nostril each day. I swear if they had told me this before my op, I may have reconsidered the whole thing! - No, it was worth it and I sort of have to re train myself to breathe through my nose, which is weird!
I also have to go back in a week to have a camera shoved up my nose to see the improvements, again I didn't get told this till I went down for the operation.
The operation itself lasted about 45mins - 1 hour and I was the first one down at 9:00 ish I paraded myself down in my beautiful gown! :P
It was good I was first because there was an emergency in after me which delayed the whole list.
 One direction tickets also came out they day after my op so I was still in recovering and my dad bless him went home and ONLY GOT ME SOME! - Stadium tour here we come! Something to look forward too!
- My Physio came out on Tuesday to check my chest due to the general anesthetic and it was really clear and I hardly had anything in there!
She also gave me a cook book especially for people with CF at her hospital (because two hospitals have joined and she works at mine and the other one)
It has some amazing food with loads of calories, there is one which I think is a millionaires shortbread cupcake and it has 744 calories just in one!
- I'll post a recipe a week if you like and you could make them at home?!

 Thats it! I feel I have warn you out and myself!
I'm on half term and I go back in a week due to not being able to mix with people with colds because I can't let my sinuses get infected. Fun.
So i'm revising for Mock exams and things which isn't very fun but it must be done!
Tweet me - @heyimcicely - It would be lovely to hear from you!

- Keep Well, lots of love!xx
- I promise I won't leave it this long next time!

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