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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cooking, CF Style

So last week I decided I would make something from my CF recipe book, I chose Millionaires Shortbread Cupackes, which were delicious
I have added a photo of the recipe if anyone wants to have a go, as they are 744 calories!

This is what they looked like before icing

I am also making rocky road from this book today and I will post that next week for you to see the results!

Sponsor me!

You may have seen my small post earlier this week, I am dyeing my hair purple for CF and I finally have put a Just Giving Badge on my blog!
If you click it will go to my just giving page.
Anything you can give would be amazing! My mum is the only one who has sponsored me so far, bless her!
My goal is to raise awareness and money for this amazing charity.

- Thank you!

Exam Stress

I'm also getting nervous because I have a mock GCSE maths exam next week. I know its a mock but it is still really scary and I'm worried I'm going to fail because I'm not good at maths! 
I have been revising loads so hopefully that will help but it's trying to remember everything that's worrying me.
It's all next week!

I got house captain!
I am now Garretts house captain along with another girl which will be great fun! I can't wait to start properly!

Tweet me - @heyimcicely - It would be lovely to hear from you!

- Keep Well, lots of love!xx

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