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Sunday, 28 July 2013


I haven't posted in forever and I just logged on to find a blog post of mine in the draft pile not the complete pile, so you get a double whammy of posts today!

Before the summer could kick off I went to my normal check up. 
My lung function is still down at 80% (I know this is good for many people but I'm normally at 100% so my doctor was not pleased)
I have a chest infection and got given some antibiotics for it.
My mum however decided she would tell the doctor about my attitude to my physio therapy which at the moment is very I can't be bothered, I'll do it when I have a problem. This really shouldn't be my attitude but it takes so much time out of the day to do other things which I think are so much more important (but really aren't) I mean who really cares if One Direction change their lyrics in one of their songs at a concert last night? - I obviously do haha! I find it more important than physio, but in all honesty the physio should come first.
So yeah, my doctor basically told me CF isn't going away and if you don't do the physio, I won't be well enough to try out new treatments which could help me out immensely in the long run.
I better be getting on with some serious physio then!

Activities Week

The last week before school finishes is called activity week at my school.
We go out and do activities all week.  Mine was titled 'Secrets, Mystery and Fun' this included going to Salisbury, Thorpe Park and Bournemouth Sea Life Center.
It was such a great week and was really fun. I met new people and made some good friends.
My friend also introduced me to The Vamps a band on youtube and we also jammed out to 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

And now I am on the summer holidays! YAY!
I have been shopping and been to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2 (which is so good!)
Next week we are planning to go to London Zoo and Brighton to see the vintage shops!
I am also going camping with my best friend which shall be interesting considering I have never been camping before! (Any tips??) haha!
I think we are also thinking of going to Alton Towers as I love theme parks and roller coasters and spending a couple of days there.
We may even be going to Menorca but that is only if weather here isn't amazing and we want to go! 

Thats about everything, I'm so sorry for not posting in a while!

Stay lovely!

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