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Sunday, 28 July 2013

This has been saved as a draft for a while

Sorry my updates have been slow and boring haha!
Whats been happening with me, I hear you ask? CF WEEK!
This was my chance to do some serious fundraising and as some of you may know I dyed my hair purple for the week, yes you heard it, purple! Now the dye is fading i'm starting to regret the colour looking now at my hair and seeing hints of green, blue and grey. But every time I look at my total money raised on just giving I know why I did it.
To think my target started off as £50 as I thought no one would sponsor me, how wrong I was with now reaching just over £700! I also did some fundraising at school which included a hula hooping competition, which was great fun, the students and some of the staff joined in for the amazing cause, which was great entertainment for everyone!
The winner of the students and overall winner was a girl who hula hooped for a total of 17 minutes!
This is me with purple hair, which lasted the whole week in the end.
I can;t thank you enough if you have sponsored me or mentioned me in day to day conversation the awareness means everything! Thank you!


I also went for my follow up appoinment at the ear, noes and throat doctors, which included a camera going up my noes! My operation has seemed to have done the job but it was interesting to find no pseudomonas was up there, considering that's what grows in my chest. I have to go back in about 6 weeks to check and continue my washes 3 times a day for a couple of months, oh the joys!
On the whole my chest seems to be pretty clear, I just get that annoying dry cough, which if you cough too much you end up being sick and I have had a few temperatures but that's not un normal for me.
I just can't wait for summer! Well the holidays, the weather has been so horrible and muggy recently!

That's about it for now!

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