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Sunday, 18 August 2013


The last time I posted I was talking to you about potential ideas of what I was going to be doing this summer.
I can say I have had a great summer holiday so far and even though there isn't long left till school starts again, I'm going to try and make the best out of the rest of it and fill my remaining days to the brim with excitement.


Before I could get started enjoying the summer to the full my physio came and gave me a visit, this was to give me a really good session before I went camping with my friend.
My physio taught me a new way of doing my treatment by using the 'Autogenic drainage'  (AD)
This way allows you to do treatment but without the equipment using breathing techniques to find where the mucus is in your lungs and breathing techniques to get it up and out.
I have also been offered to trial the new tobi podhaler and the colomcyn equivalent as I take both nebulized.

This is the podhaler it allows you to have a powdered tobimcyn and inhale in a few breaths we obviously takes a lot less time, which is such a big bonus for me!!

I also haven't been admitted for IV's in a while which is a very good thing!
Since the holidays have started I haven't been in once!


This summer I have actually been quite busy, I went up to London Zoo to see the sloths they have there as they are my favourite animal! They were so cute and I got some really good pictures of them, I had never been to London Zoo before, I just watch the TV programme called 'The Zoo' which follows the keepers around  so it was all new to me, they have a great monkey enclosure where you can walk around with them free to come out. It was a brilliant day out even if we did hit really bad traffic on the way home but the day was great!

I also went camping with my best friend, this was my first time camping ever! It was super fun, we had our own tent which was cool. My mum came down for the day and we all did are best to convince her camping is great fun, she didn't seem to agree!
I spent about 6 days with them and each day was really fun, we went swimming in the sea and we went to a fair type of thing, so thank you again!

I then got home from camping on the Sunday late morning to be leaving for Alton Towers Monday afternoon.
I had never been to Alton Towers either, it was amazing! I went on Nemisis, Air, Thirteen, some water rides for mum and the all new SMILER!
It is incredible!!! I had to wait 120 minutes but was well worth it, if your thinking of going on it, here is a little tip :
The ride 'starts' before you start going up to the top of the ride, there is a hiddent corkscrew before the public can see you. It was so intense, I was very proud of myself and didn't hold on!:P
We also went to Drayton Manor, this was smaller than Alton Towers, I went on Europes only stand up rollercoaster which was kinda weird.

My Best Friend who I went camping with was amazingly brave and had her hair cut for  'The Little Princess Trust' which is a charity that makes wigs for children that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses her hair looks absolutely fab and it was such a lovely thing to do, I am so proud of her and she is an amazing is a role model that everyone should aspire to be like.
She has a just giving website for any donations which will be open till September:
Shedea's Chop For Charity Just Giving Page

If you would be kind enough to donate just click the link above and it will send you to her just giving page, any donation would be amazing, I know she would be truly thankful.

I only have a couple of weeks left till school and i'm going to be in year 11 so post updates may become slightly less due to exam study and things like that.

Thats all for now!

- Stay Lovely!
- Lots of love!xxxx

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