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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Summer is nearly at an end!
Soon I'll have to come to terms with being the oldest year at school, which I don't want to be I want to stay at school forever.
I'm getting worried already about exams which probably isn't a good idea but I'm worried about being ill and missing vital stuff which I already have, I'm worried I won't get the best grade due to havingupid CF!

Anyway Summer is nearly finished and my summer has been great, I haven't seen many friends but it has been really nice to spend most of it with my mummy.
I went to London yesterday and went on the London Eye and went to Buckingham Palace which was interesting and I got some really good photos from the top of the London Eye.
I'm spending the rest of this week at the beach, doing work for school and watching the new One Direction movie 'This is Us' que screaming teens. I'll do a review in my next post about it.

I'm also thinking of starting a youtube I will use the youtube to make aware of CF and other things like that, it probably won't get very far and I'll probably become a laughing stock but it's what I want to do. When I make my first video I'll will link it in a blog post!

I go back to school on Tuesday and help out with the new year 7's joining, which will be really cute. I remember when I started how scared I was and how helpful all the prefects were so it will be nice returning the favour.

I am also thinking of having a section in my blog like a beauty, essential kind of thing. Telling you about clothing or make up or anything really that I have loved in the week. This will start up in my next post.

Stay Lovely! :)

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