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Saturday, 7 September 2013

First Week Back!!!

It was my first week back at school, part of me really didn't want to go back and part of me did.
The part that didn't want to go back left a couple of days after being back as it was so nice to talk to all my friends again!

I went back on Tuesday due to being a House Captain, we basically had to help the year 7's in our house, find their way around and make sure they were ok and understood secondary school life. It was so sweet because later in the week I was walking to my class and I just heard these girls shout 'THERE'S A PREFECT' and I went up to them and they were lost, bless them.

This is the most important year for me, which is very scary, GCSE's are coming up soon and my first real exams are in November! Ahh!
I have my Maths and English exams!
I don't even know where or what I want to do for A- level I'm hoping Chemistry and Biology so I need a good grade in Maths! (and maths isn't my best subject)
I have had so much homework already, I have had 7 pieces over the course of 2 days!
So that's what I have been doing today with the help of The 1975, Neon trees and The Vamps on replay today! hahaha :)
I can't wait for my full week back on Monday...kind of!

My Essential of the week is....

I love this product because it is so easy to use. If you really can't be bothered to wash your hair and it's looking a little greasy, just spray a little bit of this in your hair and it works a treat! Also it smells delicious! No one will know your wearing it!
The only problem is if you do spray too close or too much it doesn't leave a white residue which is hard to cover but you can blend in, it just takes a lot more time.
I love this when I'm at school or going to the beach and don't want to wash my before I go.

They do other styles  not just this one, they do some specific to your hair colour too.

I would totally recommend this!

Sorry this was a short post but not much has been happening! Hahah!
I'm sure next weeks will be better!

- Stay Lovely!:) xxx

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