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Sunday, 29 September 2013


I'm a bit stuck for blog idea's again, which doesn't surprise me really!
If you have any ideas sent them in, facebook me, tweet me or email me!
I'll put the contact details at the end!

I just wanted to talk about something that happened to me last week.
I did a cross country run, haha! Best way of getting fit I thought and so did my physiotherapist to be fair.
My physiotherapist came out to see me to make sure I was ok and things, I have a cold which is unpleasant but my chest was super clear!
So I basically started the run fine, but by the time I was halfway through I nearly died! My lungs literally felt like they were going to explode and my chest hurt a lot. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to do.
My mum thought she was going to have to call an ambulance but I managed to get my breath back in the end. That will be the first and only cross country run I do. hahah! I would much prefer sitting on the sofa and watching some good old trashy telly whilst eating a load of chocolate, if you don't mind me!

I have a hospital appointment soon, which is kinda scary but also quite exciting. I am certain I will be admitted for IV's! Which will be horrid but I won't be surpirsed. I am also gunna be starting my new drug!  The tobipod haler and the Colobreathe! Which should really help me in the future and my physio was also saying if that didn't work looking at the Ineb for me!
I think we might also set up some fixed dates to come in for IV's as that may be easier with my exams and things.

I also had an idea as some of you have seen the CF film I was in, I'm going to put out a video talking abit more about my experiences with CF.
If you haven't seen the film you can watch it here:
Or type into youtube: The rest is up to me.

(Just a little note as some of you were confused wether it was me or not, I had to say I was 13 even though I'm 15 :D)

I have decided to do a video because I did CF for my english speaking and listening, everyone seemed very interested for some reason!? haha! But I thought it would be nice if they new what there class mate had and also to let some of you, the reader know too!

My Essential Of The Week

Is my ipod nano! This beautiful thing has been not in use for years, I was thinking of selling it but because mum thought it would be super cool to engrave my name on the back I can only sell it to 'Cicely's' this is the time I wish my name had been something more common like Rebecca or Chloe but no.
So I decided I'd upload some new music onto it and I haven't stopped using it.
I am currently addicted to The 1975 album and Neon Trees.
Check them out if you haven't already as they are amazing and I have even got my mum into them!

So that's all for this week!
 I'll post next week with the video, sorry it's not a long post my homework is crazy and revision is a stupid amount.

- Stay Lovely xxx

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