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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Youtube, Newspapers and Blogs galore!

Hey everyone!
The past two weeks have been very exciting for me!

I recently had to have a check up at the ENT unit. It was just to make sure my noes after my op was ok.
It was still clear and nothing needed to be doing.
The surgeon was very pleased, he said it was like me having a new noes! Haha!
I had to have little camera put up my noes, which felt weird just to check, making sure it wasn't blocked.
I now only have to do sprays and a nose rinse once a day to once every other day, which is good now as i'll have more time for revision. We also realised that since my op in May I haven't been into hospital once! Thats 4 months of no IVS! Even though I am getting a bit chesty now, its really good for me!

The CF film also came out onThursday for Jeans for Genes day
Click here to see it! - Check it out and Share!
I also got put on the CF trust's blog
Click here for the Blog
I was also featued in my local paper!

School hasn't been too exciting apart from my house winning sports day for the frist time in like 5 years!
We also yesterday did a sponsored walk which was 8 miles! That was exhuasting!
Then on Tuesday I have a cross county run for my school, oh no!
Hopefully I will manange to get to the finish line. lol
Homework has been crazy so far, its only been 3 weeks and its mad, I just want it to be summer again!

- Sorry it's not very long
- Check out those links and share!!
- Stay Lovely x

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