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Monday, 14 October 2013

What's happend since..

I haven't been able to post recently because that cross country run was the worst idea I have ever had.
It ended me up in hospital! To be fair it wasn't just that.
I was just starting to catch a cold too and well the run really finished me off.
I had to go in over night and I am on a two week course of introvenus antibiotics! 
But instead of it being a boring visit, I had some med students come and speak to me. It was really nice to talk to some different people! Especailly as its the profession I want to go in to, it was a great chance to find out what A levels to take and what I needed to go into med school.
This was really helpful infomation for me as I am at the stage of picking colleges/6th forms!

So basically I haven't really been in school a lot, these past couple of weeks.
I have an english and maths exam in about 3 weeks which is scary and actually will count for my GCSE is a get a good mark.
When I'm on Iv's going into school is quite hard. I don't think all my friends understand it. They jsut kinda accept that I'm not going to be always in.
It's hard when antibiotics are being pumped into you 3 times a day and not feel tired.
I don't normally realise it untill mid way through my course but it does have a massive effect on my body. I have IVs at 6am, around 3pm and then again at 11pm, its nearly impossible for my mum not to wake me up, so I am up pretty late at the moment.
I have slept for up to 17 hours before and I could probably do it again. I don't really know how it feels or how to really explain why but it just wares you out. Thats why I have to take it easy with school, I could come in and be not 100% meaning I wouldn't do so well at school, or be off a day, catch up on work missed and then be 100% ready. Which is obviosuly the wiser option.

We also had a futures fair at school, where the local 6th forms and colleges come and talk to you about their facilities and why you should go there. I aslo took the time there to speak to our careers women about my future with my condidtion. She said the medical profession is an A* club really, you need A*'s at GCSE and A level, which is totally unreachable for me. So it's not looking good, I'm obvisouly not going to let that stop me. But she gave me some good advice for A levels, that it would be best me just taking 3 AS and taking them to A- level as that would mean I could do 3 well instead of 4 poor.
It would also be easier for me with catch up.
That settles it I'm taking, Biology, Chemistry and Physcology.

And that's kind of it at the moment.
On Tuesday (tomorrow)
I'm testing the colobreathe, having my annual bloods and chest x-ray! It's all go! haha

- Stay Lovely xx

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