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Sunday, 10 November 2013

GCSE's, Sixth Forms... M.O.T's?

My Excuse

My excuse I'm going to try and convince on for a reason I haven't posted is I was on holiday all half term with no internet and thats why but I could have made an effort, so sorry!

All things CF

I'm sorry I haven't posted in nearly a month but its been pretty hetic lately!

Fisrt of all I tried the colobreath, it was a very interesting first experience and ended in my getting all the powder on my tounge and all on my teeth! Let's say the taste isn't that pleasent but its tolerable.
My blood test was okay, It jsut had to be taken through my vascaport which was very easy.

My appointment was ok, my cough had improved a bit so we think the IV's worked.

I have my annual review clinic or M.O.T as we call it, next week! This is basically just to track my progress throughtout the year and see if there has been a dramatic change in anything health wise.

We have to do a few things befote the clinic.

I have to do a shuttle test. to test my fitness levels. I did this on Thursday I got to Level 12 stage 10 out of 14 Levels.
My fitness levels were fine and because my lung funtion is above 70% I go on the same average as a normal person.
We also have to do a food diary, now this was a problem, I'm not finding food that interesting at the moment, in the holidays food was great but I just kind of gone of it at the moment as thats when we had to do my food diary, so thats probably going to be a problem. I'm sure there will be solutions to it!


I have had a manic week because it was my GCSE in English and Maths, which were ridiculously hard, more maths than english but still, i'm dreading the results in January! We had to be isolated on our maths corridor because the papers had been set at the same time and we had to take on later so we weren't allowed in contact with anyone who may have done the paper which mean't we weren't allowed our mobiles!
Which wasn't fun but I'm so glad its over now! Now onto the June exams! haha!:D

We have also been looking at 6th Forms and Colleges, it turns out to get into medicine who have to get 4 AS levels at A or above. So the careers lady's idea of only taking 3 was absoltue rubbish! I'm going to take Biology, Chemistry, Pyschology and Philsophy. They all sound really could and two of them I have to take anyway.
We don't know if I should go to a 6th form or college when I go I will be 16 but probably quite a young 16 still, maybe a school environment would be better for me but then again a college would allow me to get that indipendce I really need, especially when going on to the adult clinic, I need to gain my confidence so thats the place i'm looking for, somewhere with good grades and allow me to grow in confidence.

Last night I went to go see Jessie J live at the BIC which was absolutely amazing, she has an amazing voice, which is depressing because I wish I did too but oh well! Her concert was fab and go buy her album because its great!

Sorry for the really irregular posting times!
 I promise to be my on track soon!

- Stay Lovely xx

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