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Friday, 27 December 2013

A Year In Reflection

Woah this year has gone by really fast!
To think it is nearly 2014, I thought now would be a good time to look back on the year and think to myself, what did I achieve?

My year started off by seeing Passenger live before he hit the mainstream, my friend and I went and we got front row! This was amazing and just think how far he has come now!
Then it snowed and I had some fun in  my unicorn onesie, it was freezing but super fun!
I then got advised to be put on DNase I nebulizer used to loosen mucus, this has proven to this day useful and well worth the extra nebulizer.
In Febuary I then went to see One Direction! Which was crazy and the whole london and the O2 experience was amazing!
In March it was my birthday!:D And I also did the filming for the CF teen film which was a lot of fun and came out really well, heres the link if you haven't seen it! Click here to watch it!
I also sent off my make a wish form. I found out my sinus op would be in may and I had also done my prefect aplication.
April was a really fun month, I was in my school's production of Hairspray which was really good and I made some really good friends from it. I also had the idea to dye my hair purple for CF week, it was only an idea at the time!
In May I found out I was a Prefect and went for headgirl but was not successful but decided that shouldn't knock my confidence and went for House Captain.
I had my sinus op (finally) and my nose was clear for once! I had so many washes and nose sprays to do, it was mad!
I also got a CF recipe book with cupcakes which are 744 calories per cake!
June was when CF week was! I dyed my hair purple with permission from my headteacher and did a hula hooping competiton where pupils and staff joined in! Helping me raise over £1,000 for CF!
I got the role of House Captain! I also found out I sadly wasn't eligable for a make a wish due to not being ill enough, which I understand I am not as bad as some people.
Then it was summer! It was a really good summer and I was the wellest I have been in a long while because of the amazing weather we had!
I went to London Zoo, Camping, Alton Towers and Drayton Manor!
In August I got offered to try the tobi podhaler and the colobreath.
In September the CF video was relised and I was featured in my local newspaper.
In November I tried the colobreath and decided it wasn't for me and decided to try the Ineb instead.
I started looking round colleges and sixth forms too which is very scary! I also saw Lucy Spraggan who has amazing and so good! I had my first ever GCSE exams too (english and maths) which results come out early January!
In December (this month) i had my annual review and uped my creon strength. I also went to GOSH and had a DEXA scan which was fun and I was abnormally chatty to the lady doing it. I have to go back in febuary to check my stomach because it is not behaving!
I also went to see Union J which was brilliant, they were really good it was crazy!
I also got an A in my chemistry mock which I know I have mentioned before but I am still shocked I achieved it!
Now Christmas which I got some really nice things and I'm so happy and thankful for them!

New Year

Do you have a new year resultion yet? I think mine is gunna be drink less coca cola because that stuff does not help my teeth and maybe not too worry as much about things because everything turns out ok in the end. Also to revise and work hard for my I have quite a few this year!
2014 is going to be a manic year, mock exams, real exams!!! A new will be a very challenging year for me and I feel I'm gunna struggle slightly but i'll cope!
Lets just hope 2014 can be my year I am wellest and have a fab year!!

- I also have had over 5,000 reads which is madness thankyou! (I might start a youtube in the new year too)
- Stay Lovely xxx

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