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Thursday, 5 December 2013

I apologise!

My blog schedule has gone! I'm sorry!

First of my annual review clinic was ok actually.
The dietician seem to understand how food can get boring and recommened a few simple things to help me out, and I also have now upgraded from creon 10,000 to creon 25,000! I'm feeling all grown up!
My physio looked at my posture coming to the conclusing my spine is a bit too bendy? Also I don't need to use my flixotide puffer anymore as it doesn't really help me!
They were also talking about when I have to move to adults which is scary! But the agreement is to start talking about it after my GCSE's which is a relive!
I have a bit of a cough at the moment only because its winter and my body seem to cope with winter well!
I also have a bone density scan soon which will be exciting, never had one before!

My first application for sixth form has been posted which is so scary and the prospect of moving on is really becoming a reality and it is really happening too fast for me.
I have good news though I did a chemistry mock and I got an A!! My FFT is a C and my teacher said I could get a B if I tried hard but no way did I think I'd ever get an A so saying I'm over the moon isn't even close, I was really proud of myself!

I also did a talk to my science class about my CF as it comes up in Biology 2, which was amusing! They were really nice about it and I showed them my video which seemed to go down well, maybe I should start getting paid and go round school just talking about it! ha ha! :D

I find out my GCSE results in January which is scary for English and Maths I hope I have passed so this not so much pressure next time around!

Christmas is so close now, i'm so excited! I thought i'd share with you what is on my christmas list!

- 5 Seconds Of Summer Tickets
- 5 Seconds Of Summer merch
- Urban Outfitters stuff
- Shoes, like vans and things

And some CD's like Lady Gaga's ARTPOP and Nirvana

I don't know what else yet which is really annoying my mum as it isn't helping her!

I am also seeing Union J in 17 days! Exciting!!

I'm so sorry it has been so long but I will be updating more in the Christmas holidays! ( I can't wait til the holidays!!)

- Stay Lovely xx

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