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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, how everything going?

Woah over 6,300 views on my blog, thats crazy!

My new year started off quite well actually, I had barely any cough and was doing good. On the 9th of January I got my first GCSE results for maths, I took this exam back in November and I was positive I had failed it, it was a very hard paper! To make things worse we found out the grade boundries had all gone up making it harder to pass, all the teacher also new our results but couldn't say anything till the end of the day which was so annoying, I just wanted to know so badly!
1:50 came the time we were opening our results and I honestly don't think I have ever been so nervous in my life (exluding hospital haha). I opened it to find I got a C! And most importantly had passed my GCSE!! I was amazed because I got told in primary maths would never be my strong subject, i'd always struggle and there would be nothing we could do about it! BUT I DID IT!:D
We can resit in June which is good as i'll retake and go for a B, if I don't manage it they can't take my C away from my so its a win, win situation!
I also get my English Results on the 23rd of January or something like that, I feel slightly more confident on my english as we did course work which goes towards our final grade and I only needed 3 marks on the exam to get my C, so it looks hopeful!


Today I tried my first ever Scandishake, they are quite nice actually I was suprised. I tried a chocolate one and I added chocolate ice cream to it.
A scandishake is basically a milkshake but with a lot more calories, it had 500 + calories in it. They are quite rich and slightly thicker than a normal milkshake. I also got the strawberries one which I'm planning on adding real strawberries too which should taste lovely, I have been recommened them because my wieght gain is poor again, I don't know why but I just am not very hungry all the time and I know its bad for me and I try my hardest to eat but its so had forcing yourself to eat food when you don't want too. My parents nag and it really annoys me but I know they are doing it for my own benefit I just hate being reminded of my condition.
I'm also going for my check up on the 21st of January, I have a hearing appoinment  in the morning and then I have an interview for a college and then I'm back to the hospital in the afternoon to see my consultant. I also am going on a 6 day glucose test, this gets inserted by your tummy and it measure your insulin throughout the six days, also for those 6 days I'll have to give my self a finger prick before each meal to check my blood sugar level because everytime I do the routine 24 hr ones I'm always boaderline so they want something more accurate to see if I have diabetes or not.
It should look something like this:

At this current moment I'm ill i think I may have some viral infection and I have to be careful not to turn it into a bacteria infection, my cough is gettitng worse sadly, to the extent my neck hurts and my back and the front of my chest due to pulling all the muscles, but I'll get through it. I think I need some oral antibiotics and if they don't work I'll ask for some intravenous ones.

Well thats about everything at this moment in time.
I hope your new year has started off great!

- Stay Lovely xx

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