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Saturday, 8 February 2014

It's Febuary and I apologise for the lack of posts.

First off I got my English GCSE results back and I got a B but was onyl 4 marks of an A so I am defiantely retaking!

I also have just finished mock which has been crazy and I can't function poperly due to lack of sleep and just constant revision, some of my mocks went ok and some went beyond awful so I'll see what my results are in a few weeks. But it is soon the half term holidays so that will be a nice break.


So I have managed to stay out of hospital for a while, i'm going back at the end of Febuary just to check everything, I got a new nebulizer called the I-neb. It is so quick and so much better than the eflow because that thing just slowly died and got slower. I told my mum an Iphone would go well with an I-neb because it's my birthday on March 5th so that was a hint towards that haha! She wasn't happy!
When I go backto hospital I will have the glucose test done for six days to find out if I actually have diabetes or not, it will be great to finally find out if i do or not!

I also made an instagram purely for CF - If you want to follow me there I'm thegirlwithcf

Thats really it because my life hasn;t been very interesting lately.

I'm going to see 5SOS for my birthday on March 3rd which is really exciting and their new single 'She Looks So Perfect' has come out and it made my week because its amazing so please check it out, they are amazing!

Thats about it!

- Stay Lovely!xxx

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