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Monday, 24 March 2014

Looking back at my blog, I feel I have neglected it big time and I can only apologize!

I have basically left this blog un-attended for over a month, and a lot has happened!

My Birthday

My birthday is the 5th March where I turned 16. My parents got my an Iphone for my birthday, which I was very grateful for! My Birthday treat was going to see 5SOS on the Monday 3rd, I went up with my best friend and we got right to the front on the barrier! The experience was totally amazing, I never thought when we left school that afternoon we'd get right to the front to see my favorite people, it really was a crazy time. It was like one massive party and the other fans were so nice, there were some moments of pushing to get closer leaving us no choice but to forcefully push against this surge. Overall the atmosphere was brilliant and 5SOS were incredible (as always)  I'll post my pictures at the end of this blog
I also on the Saturday went out for a meal with 5 of my friends, we had a lovely time and I couldn't have chosen better people to spend my 16th with.


Overall my hospital admission have been down, my last time I was in was January. Until now, I went in for a 10 day course of IV'S at the start of this week, due to have an Endoscopy at the end of the week at GOSH. Going there was very exciting, I don't know if thats the right word to use for going to a hospital, but it was interesting to see how they run things and what the cubicles were like...let me just tell you they are bigger than my ones...with en-suite!! Basically a 5 star hotel! haha!
My stay in my regular hospital was boring, I watched films (like always) but the bloods department thought it be fun to mix my blood with someone else's blood because they thought two people couldn't be having tombramycn levels checked at the same time. resulting in me having to give more blood away!
I'm finally having this glucose test the start of April which will finally tell my whether I have developed diabetes or not!

I also had mock week at school which was very stressful, all our exams crammed into one week, I'm so glad that the real GCSE's are like that!I got mixed results, but I am learning to prioritize, my exams will NOT define me as a person and if that means I have to find another way to do the I want, then I'll just have to do it.

Playlist of the week

I decided to bring this back, even though it wasn't really a thing - I decided I'll tell you 5 songs I'm loving this week!

- She Looks So Perfect - 5SOS
- That '70's Song - The Cab
- Time- Bomb - All Time Low
- The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy
- La La - The Cab

I'm not really sure what to right abut, please give me ideas - message me!

5SOS Concert Pics

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