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Monday, 14 April 2014

Hitting 7K views!

Never in a million years when I started this blog, I thought people would read it...maybe a few hundred at a push!
Knowing people are genuinely interested in my life and welfare really warms my heart.
Thank you so much if you are a regular reader or this is your first time, thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this blog. I'm sure some stuff you have no clue what I am on about and maybe sometimes you have thought that all I have done is moan, I apologies if  that applies to you but no one said life would be easy, and no one mentioned how to get through it.

My goal is to inspire people, make people more aware of CF and also reassure people with CF its ok to speak out about it.
I'm pleased to say I have inspired a few people to make blogs of their own of their life with CF and that makes me feel like I have completed my goal.

Just knowing I have made someone feel more confident about themselves and CF makes me feel fulfilled.

I remember starting this blog and being nervous and worried about what people would think about me, my cf and writing a blog in general. Many people didn't understand the complexity of CF and I hope my blog has given a massive insight into this.

Here is a link to my first few blog posts -
As you can see I have progressed massively, but the whole concept of writing my feelings down for an audience to read was very new to me, now I feel comfortable expressing my feelings as many people haves similar feelings and can feel that they are not alone, that their emotions aren't abnormal.

 The last year and a bit that I have been writing has certainly been the most hectic for my CF and being able to share that with you has lifted a weight off my shoulders!

I am glad I have met new friends with CF and closely related to CF, that have become a big part of my life.

So thankyou - you know who you are!

Thankyou to my friends and family for always supporting me and keeping me on track!

Thanyou to my nurses and doctors for putting up with me and making me well!

And thankyou to you reading! It gives me motivation it write and share my story!

Here's to another 7k more!

- Stay lovely xxx

(some exciting stuff coming up in the next few days - expect another post soon!)

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