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Monday, 9 June 2014

Sorry for lack of posts again!

I'm sorry for lack of posts but I have been in the middle of my GCSE exams and I have had so many it's been crazy!

Anyway my last post was on April 6th and a lot has happened since then!

First of all it was my mothers birthday and to surprise her we took her up to the ritz which was amazing and so stunning she couldn't believe she got to go her face was a picture!
It was a lovely night up there, we had afternoon tea and then went to watch Billy Elliott.

Then its been all my GCSE exams which have been crazy! I had so many the first two weeks of the exam period I got super stressed out which wasn't good and really neglected my physio which again was stupid!

I then caught a cold or infection of some sort from some people in the stuffy exam hall which lead me into hospital for the whole of my half term break.
It was my longest ever stay in hospital - a week. I know that's not long for some people but I normally go in for just a night.
I was spiking temperatures up to 39! So they wouldn't let me go home until they went down.
I then had some intense physio there and they got me doing some exercise which!
But at the end of the week I got my lung function from 58% to 67% which I was super pleased about!

Now the most exciting thing happened to me this weekend, I applied for a wish from Rays of Sunshine to meet 5 Seconds of Summer. Which they replied and said they would grant!!
So this weekend my family and my best friend went up to the WWA tour and met 5 Seconds of Summer before the show!

They were absolutely lovely and so nice to us, it was really chilled meeting them we all like sat round a little coffee table and had a chat about the show and what we had done before we came up, I got them to sign my 'She looks so perfect' EP, they gave us some of their merch and we got some amazing photos with them, we also gave them a letter which we had made bracelets for them inside!
It was an incredible experience and I want to thank rays of sunshine for making it happen it was so surreal and thank you to 5sos for meeting me!
If you don't know who they are I really recommend you check them out because they have an album coming out soon which is going to be amazing, they are so talented and really deserve the support!

Anyways I have two exams left - chemistry and physics! And then I'm done and finished yay!!
Then I have prom on the 27th June which is exciting too!
My main focus in the holidays is going to be CF and getting myself fitter and healthier!

That's it for now!

- Stay Lovely xx

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