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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Hey all.

So to put off writing my essay which is due soon I decided to update you all with my life.

2018 has already marked some milestones,

I turned 20, I'm finally out of my teen years (Yay?!). I look back on my teen years with fondness (mainly). I'm glad of what I succeeded with my GCSE'S, AS& A-levels. I made some wonderful friends and starting uni was a massive achievement for me. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to turn 20 as many in the CF community aren't as lucky. I am however happy to get that stage of my life out the way, the rebellious side when it came to my CF and the idea that I thought that as I wasn't that bad with it, I didn't need to do the treatments that were asked of me.

Every teen goes through it, I wasn't rebellious in other aspects of my teen life, just my CF life. I suppose it was because I hadn't fully come to terms with my CF and also because no one else I knew had it and it made me feel different. I look back on those times with appreciation, the process of rebelling has now given me an appreciation of my life WITH CF. Having a dip in my health at around 15/16 showed me that I wasn't invincible and that in fact my CF was more in control than I thought. This blip made me buckle up and become more adherent with my treatments. Without my teen years being the way they were I don't think I would fully appreciate how far I have in fact come.

This comes to another milestone in my life, a whole year without IV's!! What a shocker that was. I never imagined I would get to this milestone again (I only have achieved this once previously, which was in primary school). It has shown me my health has dramatically improved, I'm not so reliant on antibiotics as I once was and trust me I used to be a regular at the hospital (when I was in paediatrics I actually watched the accommodation I live in now being built, how crazy is that?!). I can only thank the team and myself for this achievement. My team has helped me realise how important treatments and exercise really is. I've been a regular in the gym now for three years and it's really been paying off. Though I haven't seen improvements in my lung function, these other measures show me my health is actually a lot better.

I also had my annual review in December and will have my feedback on that in April (again - the longest I've been without an appointment before). Hopefully everything with that will be good, nothing drastic has happened and I've remained stable so I can't imagine anything bad being raised.

I'm nearly at the end of my first year of university and I've really enjoyed it, I've made some great friends and memories. I just have a few more assignments due and then exams in May and then I'm done!! It's crazy how fast it's flown by! I'm planning on doing some work during the summer as an ambassador and volunteering.

Then onto second year where it all actually counts but I am confident I can succeed, I've done it in my health now I've got to just apply it to my studies. I am hopeful I will achieve what I need to go onto my postgraduate study and beyond!!

Here's to my 20s!!

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